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Japan (March 2016)

Japan 2016 So..we have had several little trips to visit eachother..but this was our first international trip..and I think we caught the travel bug from it. Actually, I think we both had it before but now we share a strain! HAH! This trip was inspired by my son who was taking Japanese lessons, how cool would it be to see Japan and actually use some of what he learned? I like off the beaten path excursions..but I also want to see the “Must-See”s. So I tried to get a little of both in this trip. We had a week and a half.  We both flew into Tokyo and met at the airport, and so it begins… P.S.  (tips): Get a JapanRail pass before you head off to Japan (the green car is nice). You can literally get EVERYWHERE on the train..and it is amazing, on time, easy, and there’s almost

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Iceland Blog

Iceland (March 2017)

Iceland 2017 This year we got to go to Iceland. And, all I can say is AAAHhhhhmazing.   I apologize ahead of time for this long post.. but you can’t sum up Iceland with a quick one! This trip we (*I*) decided to do kind of a two part trip. Half was booked with a tour and the other half we booked on our own. We figured this would give us a chance to do some things on our own but also hit all the “Must See” touristy spots. Links and tips are at the bottom of this post!   BTW:  Iceland is the second most expensive country in the world. I think second only to Switzerland? That was some statistic I saw somewhere, and so, gas for a rental car and taxi’s are beyond ridiculously priced. This translates to about $1.90 USD per Liter  ( i.e. over $7.00 USD

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